Sand tipper trailers

Rocky 24-L

The Rocky 24-L sand tipper trailer from VGM is a robust tipper trailer, solidly built with an eye for detail and especially suitable for heavy work.

Standard version

"This tipper trailer is equipped with the following standard features:

  • Tandem axle heavy transport tipper trailer
  • 10 Hole BPW axles 150 mm (410 x 180)
  • Hydraulic support leg, operated from the tractor
  • Tapered container, for easier unloading.
  • Loading area plate thickness 6mm Hardox400
  • Four hydraulically braked wheels
  • Perimeter lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Rotatable towing eye
  • Rear trailer hitch
  • Hose support on the drawbar
  • Rubber sprung drawbar
  • Bolted mudguards on the loading area
  • Container dimensions: 5000 int. x 2300 int. x 1050 int.
  • Grease nipples on central main axle
  • Tipper cylinder mounted in cardanic suspension
  • Track width: 1950 mm
  • Excluding wheels and tyres"


"This tipper trailer can be fitted with the following options:

  • Hydraulic suspension
  • Bulkhead at top front of container
  • Hydraulic jack leg with hand pump
  • Hydraulic jack leg with six-way tap
  • Air braking
  • Air braking combined with hydr.
  • Air braking + ALR valve
  • Hydraulically driven steering
  • Lockable control box
  • 2 rear work lamps
  • Rear tracking plug
  • Reversing alarm
  • Plastic toolbox
  • Scharmüller K80 pick-up hitch
  • Scharmüller K50 steering ball
  • Central steering knuckle grease nipples
  • Screw-on ZK-2 water barrier
  • Sprayed in company colour (max. 2 colours
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Stepladder at front of container
  • Commando steering bar with quick release
  • Scoop support on underside of container
  • Left and right dredge clamps
  • ZK-2 Bumper folding TüV-PVG-RDW Hydraulic folding bumper
  • Wide spread undercarriage 1800
  • Hydr. Driven steering 1800 Tandem set"