Sand tipper trailers

ZK 302 Alu

The VGM ZK 30-2 tipper offers you the maximum in load capacity. The triangular suspension ensures optimum stability

Standard version

"This tipper trailer is equipped with the following standard features:

Tri-axle heavy transport tipper trailer
10 Hole axles 150 mm (410 x 180)
Hydraulically suspended triangle axle suspension DynAx First and third axle forced steering Hydraulic double-acting support leg Hydraulic double-acting tailgate
Tapered container, for easier unloading.
load area plate thickness 6mm Hardox400
Six hydraulically braked wheels
Perimeter lighting
LED lighting
Rotatable towing eye
Rear trailer hitch
Hose support on the drawbar
Rubber sprung drawbar
Bolted mudguards on the load area
Container dimensions: 6600 int. x 2300 int. x 1180 int.
Tipper cylinder mounted in cardanic suspension (approx. 65 litres)
Track width: 1950 mm
Excluding wheels and tyres"


"This tipper trailer can be fitted with the following options:

Bulkhead at top front of container Tridec HDO undercarriage to replace Dynax Undercarriage with 1800mm axle distance
Hydraulic jack leg with hand pump
Hydraulic jack leg with six-way tap
Air braking
Air braking combined with hydr.
Air braking + ALR valve
Lockable control box
2 rear work lamps
rear tracking plug
Reversing alarm
Plastic toolbox
Scharmüller K80 pick-up hitch
Screw-on ZK 2 water barrier
Sprayed in company colour (max. 2 colours
Automatic lubrication system
Stepladder on aluminium hatches
ZK30-2 aluminium type MK2 roof hatches
ZK-2 Rear hatch edge panel with asphalt board
Security on aluminium roof hatches
Scoop support on underside of container
ZK-2 Dredge clamp Assembled
ZK-2 Bumper folding TüV-PVG-RDW
Uncalibrated weighing system
Semi-automatic height control
PTO pump with quick release valve"